work 2021/2020

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E-connection Japan/Holland 2021, acryl/bowl Maastricht/Japanese paper/stamp on wood, 25,5x88cm

Elements: to be or not to be – 2021
acryl / wood elements / torn paper / bolts on wood
NY Times May 24, 2020 (particuliere collectie)
acryl/wood elements/copy print on wood
The black hole 2020
acryl/felt/brushes/pencil on wood
17 x 60 cm
Red/yellow and blue connected elements 2021
acryl/bowls/newspaper/brush/spoon on wood
23 x 71,5cm


EN ENE / ENE EN 2020, acryl/wood elements on wood, 52x17cm
EN 2021, acryl/wood, 17x42cm
Two way lines 2020/2021, acryl/wooden sticks on wood, 17x60cm

Boekkaften Openbaar kunstbezit


ENE to the point 2020, acryl/wood elements on wood, 17x52cm
Elements 2020, acryl/wooden elements on wood.
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