P i m P i ë t – visual artist, creative thinker, exhibition designer, curator

painting / installations


Bos Fine Art, solo exhibition 2020
Image_Object, January 28-February 27.
Poimena Gallery at Button Street, Mowbray.
Launceston, Tasmania

2018 -2019

November 2019, Tentoonstelling Negen10drie&7tig, Stichting Ruimtevaart. Nies Vooijs, Jan de Weerd, Marion de Rooij en Pim Piët.

Tone in color (2019) , acryl/wood, 23 x 61 cm (noise and tone serie)
Stilte (2018), acryl/sound bowl/ wood, 29,6 x 23 cm

Inner SPACE – INNER tone project 2018-2019

Photo’s of a special space build within a galery. Space with sound composition and paintings. Paintings and space: Pim Piët / composition: Anna Mikhailova / video: Erik de Vries and Pim Piët / editing: Paul Wiegerinck and Pim Piët. See video’s on Vimeo………..

inner voice and the composer 2019

Pim Piët
1973-1977 Vrije akademie Den Haag
Lives and works in The Hague
Studio: Westeinde 58, 2512HE Den Haag
email: pimpiet@ziggo.nl
phone: +31 6 49690856